Wellness Journal

Wellness journal is the place where you can keep all your wellness records in an  organized manner as a separate journal.   It is first of its kind and it will act like your own “Wellness - Record – Organiser (WRO)”.   

Here you can store copy of all your wellness reports / wellness history / prescriptions / consultations  for your future reference.  No need to carry all your wellness papers / reports / etc everywhere, just save a copy in your Wellness journal which is also your WRO  and it will be available for you anytime.  

It allows giving a title to your entry and then various categories help you to organize your wellness records in an enhanced manner.  Even the categories can be added / edited / deleted depending upon your requirement.

To add to it, every entry will be submitted with the type of mood that you select depending your feelings / mood at the time of making / submitting an entry.  This mood will help us to showcase your moods in the mood report and form part of the “Happiness Quotient (HQ)” algorithm.

It further allows you to upload / download data and tag any one / word / location / place / etc for future reference.  Date is automatically captured; however the same can be modified depending upon the need.  If there is a need then you can also email your entry to any of the required email ID. 

We also have functionality, where wellness centers / hospitals / pathology labs / doctors / etc can directly send the copy of wellness reports / consultation papers / prescriptions / etc. to the respective individual account, making it as their own report sharing software.

One of the biggest advantages of using this journal is its advanced search feature.  This helps to retrieve any entry at any point in time.

Important Note: We are not into providing any kind of wellness consultation or help.  This website / app can be used only for wellness record keeping in an organized manner.